Have your say in the big issues affecting people with learning disability or autism in Islington and North London.

At Centre 404 we offer many different ways for family carers to get involved:

  • Islington Parent Carer Forum

    The Islington Parent Carer Forum is a group for parents and carers of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) who live in Islington.  This important meeting takes place every two months and is a chance for you to discuss matters that are important to you, participate in consultations and comment on developments in local and national disability services. It is an active group which has the specific aim to provide service providers with the views and concerns of their service user group.

    Whenever possible, the meetings will be attended by one speaker from the council and/or other organizations. Attendees are encouraged to suggest what they would like to receive information about and Centre 404 will endeavor to make this happen.

    There are lots of changes going on at the moment with the implementation of the new legislation and the funding cuts. It is more important than ever that parent carers help their local authorities and health partners to really understand the issues and views of those who use the services they provide, and to help shape what they look like.

    For more information click here and download our leaflet

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    Contact the forum directly by sending an email to  – Islingtonparentcarerforum@gmail.com

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  • The Islington Parent Action Group 

    A formal strategic group that acts as the steering group for the Parent Carer Forum (Parents  and Carers decide topic and speakers for the forum) and also represent the forum members in the borough strategic groups. This is a closed group – parents need to be elected onto the group.

    If you would like to attend a Parent Carer Forum meeting or are interested in being part of the Parent Action Group please contact the Forum via Email  Islingtonparentcarerforum@gmail.com or call Emily (administration support for the Forum) on 020 7697 1336.

  • ASC for Tea 

    This is an opportunity for you to meet other parents/carers of a child or young person with autism across North London. It is a place to support one another and to share information and advice.

    You don’t need to book for this group, just come along on the date. For more information please contact Emily on 020 7697 1336 or email Emilyb@centre404.org.uk

    Click here to see meeting dates for 2020 or download poster.

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  • LD for Tea

    This group is an opportunity to meet other parents/family carers
    of a child or young person with a Learning Disability and other associated
    conditions linked to Learning Disabilities in North London. Practical advice and information bout day-to-day situations as well as on disability benefits, social care, education and signposting.

    LD for Tea is an informal group which provides a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere for parents to share tips and advice on issues they and their
    cared for face. For the second part of the meeting, we invite professionals in to talk about their services and to support parents in specific areas.


    Click here to see the list of future dates for LD for Tea

    If you have any questions, want more information contact Emily:
    020 7607 8762/07946205415 Emilyb@centre404.org.uk

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  • Family Carers Reference Group (Islington)

    The Family Carers Reference Group is a group of family carers of adults with learning disabilities who live in Islington. We meet every two months and welcome new members.

    • We support each other in facing the many stresses and strains that family carers encounter
    • We provide opportunities for senior managers, elected councillors and other professionals to meet family carers, to hear about our experiences and concerns and to answer our questions
    • We elect representatives on to key decision-making groups in Islington
    • We provide updates about developments in government policy and local initiatives (e.g. changes to welfare benefits or housing issues) that may affect you and your relative or friend.

    Come along and have your say on the big issues facing people with learning disabilities and their families in Islington (such as Housing, Health Care Services, Fulfilling Lives/Activities, Personal Budgets, Staff Training, Social Care Management, Education and Employment).

    Click here to see meeting dates for 2020 or download poster

    You don’t need to book for this group, just come along on the date! For more information please contact Emily on 020 7697 1336 or email Emilyb@centre404.org.uk Please download our leaflet by clicking here and help us spread the word.

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  • Centre 404 have helped me understand my rights as a carer and as a woman

    Margarita did not speak English very well when she first came to Centre 404. She was in a foreign country, did not know anyone and felt isolated. She did not know her rights or those of her daughter. Margarita felt overwhelmed and developed insomnia. She also stopped eating and ultimately fell into depression.

    From coming to the groups and activities, Margarita has improved her English and communication skills. She has learned about her rights as a carer and the services she and her family can access for support. “Coming to the forums at Centre 404 has made me feel part of the community and British society. I feel involved and engaged within the big family of Centre 404”.

    “I feel better informed, confident and empowered. I know I have a choice – I know my rights”

    “Centre 404 have helped me understand my rights as a carer and as a woman”

    Margarita has also made friends with other family carers. “Before coming to Centre 404 I was alone and isolated. In Centre 404 I have found my place and my friends. I have found people with who I can share experiences and support”.

    Margarita now understands her daughter’s condition and how to develop strategies to meet her needs. “Caring for my daughter was a big problem for me before. I did not know what to do. Centre 404 has been the solutions to my problems”. As a result, Margarita feels that the relationships with her family have also improved. “We enjoy more time together and understand each other better”. “My family accepts my daughter’s condition. She has become the essential part of the family”