We wanted to thank all of the families and CYP that took part in Challenge Tuesdays.

After 12 weeks, Challenge Tuesdays has now come to an end but the challenges, activities and videos are still available for you to have a go at. Keep playing and keep having fun!

Check out all of our resources and activities on the Home Resources page here:

Home Resources

Challenge Tuesdays
Week 12 - Learning Disabilities Week Montage

As it's Learning Disabilities Week, we want you to combine your creativity and experiences by sending us a passage on what learning disabilities mean to you. Read our idea below!

Click here to read more
Week 11 - Toilet Roll Arts & Crafts

Watch our video tutorial and have a go at creating some Toilet Roll Arts & Crafts. All you need is a toilet roll and some imagination. Use what you can find and have fun!

Watch the Video Tutorial Here
Week 10 - Craft Collection

To prepare for our online Arts & Crafts tutorial, we want you to collect craft materials! Pencils, paper, cardboard, old clothes, leaves from outside...anything! What can you find?

Click here to read more and see some examples
Week 9 - Write a Poem

We would love for you to write a poem about what Centre 404 means to you. What do you enjoy? What memories do you have? What's the best part? Write a poem and email it to us!

Send your poem to AliceB@Centre404.org.uk - Click here to read more
Week 8 - Feelings Meal

As it's Mental Health Awareness week we want you to use your meal times to create faces with you food and share your feelings. It's important to do this and this way it's fun!

Click here to read more and see some examples
Week 7 - DIY Den

As we're spending lots of time indoors, we are challenging you to make a den! Use blankets, sheets, towels...anything! Make it cosy inside and create a cool chill out space!

Click here to see some examples
Week 6 - The Maze

Another puzzle this week! This time we have some mazes for you to try. Can you navigate your way from the start to the finish point? Try and keep your focus. Enjoy!

Download the Challenge Here
Week 5 - Crossword Puzzle

How well do you know London? Read the clues in this crossword puzzle and see if you know the London landmark! Scroll down for the answers to see if you were right! Good luck!

Download the Challenge Here
Week 4 - Thank You NHS Poster

To show our appreciation to our amazing NHS, we would like you to make a bright and colourful poster! Be creative! Email us a picture of it and we'll post it on the website.

Send a picture to AliceB@Centre404.org.uk - Click here to see some examples
Week 3 - Spot the Difference

This week we have a Spot the Difference for you! Can you find all 14 differences? Scroll down for the answers but no cheating! Good luck!

Download the Challenge Here
Week 2 - Playscheme Word Search

As we would've been running up to our Easter Holiday Playscheme, this week is a Word Search with some of the fun activities and places that we have visited. Can you find them all?...

Download the Challenge Here
Week 1 - Treasure Hunt

Try our Treasure Hunt! Can you guess the answers to the riddles and find the objects around your home? Maybe there will be a prize at the end...have fun and good luck!

Download the Challenge Here
Learning & Leisure Updates
  • Corona Virus: COVID19 – Learning and Leisure Updates

    I wanted to issue an update about how we at Centre 404 and more specifically in the Learning and Leisure service are handling the constant changes and developments of the virus.

    Although a virus to this scale has never happened in our lifetimes, Centre 404 already had in place a detailed Business Continuity Plan which covers a range of eventualities and an outbreak or pandemic was a part of that plan. We have put the plan in place, ordered supplies, actioned our senior staff teams to adapt the way in which our teams work to allow for additional precautionary cleaning and hygiene measures along with remote home working. Identified high risk individuals that we support, planned for closure of services and identified all of the ones that can’t close and would be top priority if things got worse. Although we never wanted to put these plans into place, to a degree, we were always ready to.

    We have had to make some difficult decisions and close all of our children and young people’s clubs and groups along with our adult’s social group activities for the foreseeable future. We are only closing what we really need to and so our Day Opportunities Service, our regular children’s outreach service and our Adults outreach Finding and Matching service are all still running as best they can.

    Where we are able and where we have available staffing we are offering 1:1 outreach in place of group activities. This may not be possible for everyone if their personal budgets or support packages don’t allow for this but we are in constant communication with the council where we deliver services to see about getting more support put in place for individuals who need it.

    We have begun offering people telephone and/or video call support along with calling around everyone we support to make sure they are well and if they are in need of support with things such as shopping, medication collection etc. We want to be there to help with any practical support as well as any emotional support as best we can, ensuring no one is left isolated.

    We plan to put our mini buses to use for supporting collection of shopping and if needed for supporting our staff to get to and from work.

    All staff who have had their regular shifts cancelled are being offered alternatives in other projects that are continuing to operate so that they all have the option to continue working and have no need to be out of pocket during this difficult time.

    Every day we are in contact with the local authorities and in consultation with them about still providing our services and also offering to support other services when we can across the borough whilst our staffing allows for this. For example, if another provider is struggling to offer support to someone, or additional support is needed due to closure of a day service for someone, we may be able to temporarily cover that support.

    We are still planning on running a play scheme in Islington and Enfield although this will not be in our usual larger group setting but mini groups and 1:1 support only. There may be possibility for us to continue some sort of extended ‘play scheme’ provision during the country wide isolation measures to support family carers.

    If you are concerned about getting out or getting help please call through to our Supporting Families team or your usual contacts within learning and Leisure if you need to talk. All contact details are on the website.

    We urge you all to continue to follow the government’s advice and keep isolated where possible.

    Thank you and take care,


    Taylor Huxster

    Head of Service,

    Learning and Leisure

We offer many fun regular weekly Activity Groups, Holiday Play Schemes and Outreach support for children, young people and adults.

The services that the team provide aim to give people a safe environment, where they are able to come, be themselves and take part in fun activities both in our centre and in the wider community.  There is an emphasis on developing communication, confidence, self-esteem and life skills as well as building and maintaining key relationships through inclusive, engaging and fun activities.

You can choose the activities that you like to do and we will help you plan these into our Group Activity Programmes and Holiday Play Schemes. If we know there are a group of people interested in doing the same things as you we can even set this up as a new group.

Check out our Blog Posts to see some of the fun and exciting things we get up to on our Groups and Activities.

If you want to join any of our groups contact us or give us a call on 020 7607 8762



Children and Young People: 5-19 years

We offer weekly after school and weekend activity groups from Monday to Saturday during term time for Islington residents. There are both age specific groups, as well as groups aimed at particular support needs. We offer activity groups for those who have a learning disability and/or autism and their siblings too. We provide minibus transport for all groups, and travel buddies where appropriate.

We provide Outreach support for children aged 5-19 years old in both Islington and Camden. We provide person-centred support for individual children and young people to access activities in the community or at home. Support is provided in the evenings and weekends throughout the year.

We deliver Holiday Play Schemes during the Easter, Summer and Christmas school holidays for 8-16 years olds in Islington. Our Play Schemes are inclusive for those who have a learning disability and/or autism and their siblings. Activities are always based in the community, and minibus transport is provided.

We also deliver a Play Scheme for children with learning disabilities and/or autism aged 8-16 years in Enfield, again during the Easter, Summer and Christmas school holidays. Activities are always based at a School in Enfield, which is currently Oaktree School.

For further information about activities for children and young people call 020 8075 4545 or view our Children and Young People Group Leaflet here

  • Faith is a social butterfly

    When Faith attends the weekly Juniors Group I get a longer day to do the things I want to do. It’s great that they do so many activities at places that I might not get to take her. Faith is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people at play schemes.

    Iryna, Faith’s mum.


Regular weekly activities

Siblings Group for 8-12 year olds 4.30-6.30pm

Download the flyer

Juniors Group for 8-12 year olds 4.00-6.30pm

Download the flyer

Aiming High Weds Group for 16-25 year olds 4.00-6.30pm

Download the flyer

Youth Group for 13-17 year olds 4.00-6.30pm

Download the flyer

Fun Fridays Group for 5-10 year olds 4.00-6.00pm

Download the flyer

Stages drama group for 11-19 year olds 10.30-12.30 (this group will resume when we move back to Camden Road)

Download the flyer


Adults, 16 years and above

We offer a variety of groups and activities for adults with learning disabilities. There are regular weekly activity groups during term time, as well as shorter term Pop Up Groups during holidays.

Regular weekly activity groups: we currently have groups from Tuesday to Saturday during term time. Some groups have a waiting list which means you can only come if you are a member. Others are drop in groups so you can come whenever you want.

Regular weekly activities

Happy Tuesdays 18+ years 7.00pm-9.30pm

Download the flyer

Wheelchair Ice Skating 
Drop In 16+ yrs 11.00am-12noon Music Group 16+ yrs 5.00pm-7.00pm

Download the flyer

Young Adult Group, 16 - 25 years 7.00pm-9.30pm Warm and Welcome Thursdays. Drop In 18+ yrs 7.00pm-9.30pm

Download the flyer

Friday Night Social
 Drop In 16+ 7.00pm-9.30pm

Download the flyer

Out & About Group 16+ 1.30pm-4.00pm

Download the flyer
  • He is so happy being a part of the group

    “Alex really enjoys his music, the staff are patient with him and he is so happy being a part of the group. It is helping him to realise his dream of making his own album one day. As a carer the support from Centre 404 has been something that is really needed and I am so happy with Centre 404 and what they have done for Alex and myself.”

    Cila, Alex’s mum



Pop Up Groups

For more information about our current Pop Up Groups please call 020 7607 8762

For further information about activities for young people and adults call 020 7697 1324