Genuine and rewarding partnership between family carers and services requires good support and training for staff.

With Learn With Us we have created a ground breaking film and training resource designed to respond to that learning need. The beautifully produced 45-minute documentary gives remarkable and unusual insights into the experiences of family carers, and of the staff who support their relatives with learning disabilities. 


Watch a trailer for the film:


Our unique training resource provides all the materials required to facilitate a 3-hour workshop, using the film to generate discussion and with exercises and handouts to promote learning and effective partnership.


Learn With Us Webinar

Facilitated by Learning Disability England, we have run a highly successful webinar which can be watched below. A good overview of Learn With Us, the webinar includes several extracts from the film and discussion of some of the workshop materials:



Learn With Us News

  • Community Living Magazine article

    We are delighted to have a two page spread in Community Living Magazine. We wrote about “Learn With Us – Working in Partnership with Family Carers”, our film and training resource, and then introduced our sequel “Mind the Gap(s) – Learning from Reflection”. This new film presents four acted scenarios of conflict between families and social services, with “goggle box” style comments and discussions.
    Follow the link to find out more.

  • Workshops with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

    We were delighted to run the first of three workshops for the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in September. During this whole day workshop we worked with a large group of multi-disciplinary health professionals and explored issues prompted by both our Learn With Us and Mind The Gap(s) films.

    Further workshops are taking place in November and February. We very much look forward to continuing our work in Sussex.

  • 'Mind The Gap(s)' - we have created a sequel!


    Introducing ‘Mind The Gap(s)’ – Learning From Reflection.

    Co-produced with Family Carers Reference Group and Islington Learning Disabilities Partnership, ‘Mind The Gap(s)’ is the second film we have made. It presents four fictional stories of conflict between families and social workers. These were devised from focus group discussions with professionals and family carers which highlighted frequent areas of difficulty. In the scenarios, professional actors play the parts of family carers, relatives, and social workers. Two separate panels of family carers and of professionals comment, ‘goggle-box’ style, on what has happened.

    The story lines are compelling and realistic, the acting is outstanding, the comments insightful. The film allows us to take a step back and think in depth about the difficulties that emerge in relationships between families and social services.

    Currently the film is being piloted in facilitated workshops for professionals and students in Islington. It produces lively debate and enthusiastic feedback. The hope is it will become a valuable learning resource in health and social care in colleges and workplaces nationwide.

    Watch this space for more news on ‘Mind The Gap(s)’!

  • UCL research in to the impact of Learn With Us

    Throughout 2018 we have been pleased to be the subject of a piece of research work being conducted by UCL Phd student Nadia Dandan. Nadia has been attending workshops taking place within Islington, Westminster and Centre 404 to carry out research in to the impact Learn With Us has on staff members attending. Research is being carried out via situational questionnaires and face to face interviews. We are very excited to hear the results of this research once published next year.

Learn With Us has been widely used within Islington and increasingly outside the borough. Click through the slides to hear what people have said about us:

  • “This whole idea could be dealt with if the family carer was regarded much more as a resource than something that has to be dealt with.”


    Family Carer

  • “Trust needs to be built and that doesn't come easy…”


    Support Worker