At Centre 404 we are committed to the quality of the support we provide.

We aim to be ambitious and innovative in our commitment to prioritising the needs and wishes of people with learning disabilities, autism and their families.

We also aim to achieve high quality support to our staff and volunteers.

Our many accreditations, partnerships and pledges as detailed below illustrate our commitment to quality across our services and community.

    • We are rated as Good with Care Quality Commission (CQC), which is the independent regulator of health and social care in England.
    • To find out more about CQC and see our provider profile please click here.
    • This will also allow you to access our most recent full inspection report from 2018. This was reviewed on October 6 2022.
    Care Quality Commission (CQC)
    • Our Supporting Families Service is accredited by Advice Quality Standard (AQS).
    • The AQS Mark is awarded to organisations that give advice to members of the public on legal issues in areas of social, welfare and public law.
    • We are audited every two years and have recently celebrated 10 years of success, demonstrating that we are accessible, effectively managed, and employ staff with the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of our families.
    • See our latest AQS report from October 2020 here.
    • To find out more about AQS please click here.
    Advice Quality Standard (AQS)

    • We are accredited by NCVO’s Investing in Volunteers, the only UK quality assurance in Volunteer Management.
    • We are externally assessed every 3 years and last successfully achieved the quality standard in October 2020.
    • Please more details on the last assessment on our blog here.
    • To find out more about Investing in Volunteers click here.
    Investing in Volunteers
    • We are committed to valuing and promoting equality and diversity at work and in our service delivery. Please see our full Equality & Diversity Policy here.
    • We are externally assessed by UK Investing in Equality and Diversity every 2 years and currently hold a UKIED silver level award.
    Equality & Diversity (UKIED)
Quality Partnerships and Pledges
    • We have signed up to the Driving Up Quality Code and completed our self-assessment report, which pledges to provide high quality, values-led services for people with learning disabilities and autism.
    • To see our provider profile please click here
    • To see our self-assessment presentation for 2020/2021 please click here.
    • To find out more about the code and the key standards click here.
    Driving Up Quality
    • We are committed members of the Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership.
    • We received a Highly Commended Award for Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction in November 2019. More details on our blog here.
    • To find out more about the partnership click here.
    Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership
    • We are members of Learning Disability England.
    • Learning Disability England exists to make life better with people with Learning Disabilities and their families. They are a membership organisation bringing together people with learning disabilities, families, professionals and organisations.
    • We know that by working together we can achieve more.
    • To find out more about LDE click here.
    Learning Disability England
    • We fully support STOMP and have signed the STOMP-STAMP Pledge to stop the over-medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both.
    • Please see more on our blog here. 
    • To find out more about STOMP-STAMP please visit the NHS website here.
    • We are members of BILD, which champions the human rights of people with learning disabilities, autistic people, and people with mental health conditions.
    • Our in-house Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) training is also confirmed as up to quality standards by Skills for Care as set out through our Bild partnership and standards set by the PBS Academy.
    • To find out more about Bild click here.
    • Our Learning & Leisure Service has been certified as an Asthma Friendly Centre (October 2020 to October 2021) by the NHS. Please see our certificate here.
    • We were also certified as an Allergy Friendly Centre (September 2020 to September 2021) by the NHS. Please see our certificate here.
    Asthma and Allergy Friendly
    • Learn With Us is a ground breaking film and training resource designed to support staff to build genuine and rewarding partnership with family carers.
    • Please read more about this training resource and access video content here on our website.
    Learn With Us