We recognise the enormous contribution that our staff make towards helping us achieve high standards of quality care and support

In return we provide a welcoming and inclusive work environment that allows people to develop skills, build valuable experiences and contribute to innovative ways of working.

Read what some of our staff have said about working at Centre 404:

  • Marco - Support Worker

    Before working for Centre 404 I was a full-time musician. I have now been working here for over 3 years; as a Bank Worker, Minibus Driver, Support Worker and Senior Support Worker but my main job is with the Day Opportunities Service, working with adults with high needs.

    Centre 404 gave me the opportunity to attend different courses and that was the way forward for me, to develop in my role as a support worker. I also have fantastic team mates and without them I wouldn’t be able to do this job.

    I know what a big difference I can make to people. I see it every day and that is the most rewarding thing.

    Without Centre 404 giving me the opportunity and encouragement to become a permanent support worker, I don’t think I would have ever put myself forward for the job. So I have to say a big thank you to the organisation, because otherwise I would not be where I am now.


  • Ruby - Waking Night Support Worker

    I started working for Centre 404 as an agency worker in my mid 60’s, I took on a permanent waking night role when I was 65 and stayed for 10 years. This was part time for 3-4 nights a week.

    I chose waking nights to give me space to do other things during the day. I would come home from a night shift and potter about and then sleep in the afternoon. I took so much joy from working with the ladies over the years, learning ways to communicate and understand their responses. They were often awake during the night and I took a lot of reward and satisfaction from this work.

    Overall this was the ideal job for me at that stage in my life.  Centre 404 was a great place to work, everyone was friendly and supportive. I would have carried on if I could but I was no spring chicken and I decided to finally retire.

    Ruby worked with 2 tenants who had high and complex needs for 10 years, she is also a mother, grandmother and great grandmother!

  • Jo - Project Manager

    Before I worked at Centre 404 I was working in retail where it was all about making a profit. Working at Centre 404 is so much more rewarding.

    I started working in the Reception, welcoming and meeting service users, visitors and staff. After two years I applied for a job as a Support Worker as I wanted to be more involved in supporting people directly. Each day is so different; you might be helping someone with their benefits and supporting them to get out of bed, or you might be helping someone to go to a party and meet their friends, or to go for lunch and do some shopping.

    I really enjoyed this work and when a vacancy came up for a Deputy Manager I went for it. I got the job and now I have worked my way up to become the Manager of that project.

    I would recommend Support Work as a really good start for building a challenging career that makes a difference.