Centre 404 was started by volunteers in 1951 and it is our volunteers who still play a key role in supporting us and the work we do.

We currently work with over 85 volunteers and offer a variety of different roles to get involved in from helping out at our Friday Night Social where over 70 service users attend to being a Buddy to someone and spending a few hours with them a week to offer companionship.

Interested in volunteering?

Please check out our diverse range of volunteer roles here . Volunteering is popular so please be advised that not all our roles are available at all times. Therefore please send an initial Expression of Interest (EOI) email to Volunteer@Centre404.org.uk. We can then advise what is available and send the volunteer joining forms to you. 

For current volunteers: please find our most up to date version of the Volunteer Handbook here.

For Volunteers Testimonials please see below:

  • Mark has been volunteering at the Friday Night Social since June 2015

    I love coming to the Friday Night Social after a long week at work and just having some fun, it really helps to de-stress me!

    I don’t find the volunteering a chore, I love it and look forward to going each week. I hope to think I’ve added something to those that come to the Friday Night Social, because I’ve certainly gained a lot from them.

    Mark, volunteer 

  • Guide and encourage you

    I joined Centre 404 at a career break in my life. I knew I wanted to give some of my life and work experiences back to others.

    My first days at the group were daunting, but the management and other volunteers are terrific in supporting you through this process, always there to guide and encourage you.

    Centre 404 has given me confidence and a lift I hadn’t been expecting. You do these activities thinking it’s solely to help others, but what suddenly becomes apparent is how much it helps you.

    Rupert, volunteer

  • I gained valuable skills from volunteering

    I was attracted to volunteer at Centre 404 as loved the whole vibe of the organisation, really friendly, positive and empowering and supporting people. I was looking for reception and administrative experience to help get back into work, and as a direct result of volunteering at Centre 404 after 4 months got four interviews and two job offers. I now work as a Service Administrator with ‘Help on Your Doorstep’, a community partner organisation of Centre 404.

    Lesley, volunteer