Fundraising Appeal For Happy Tuesday Club

We have launched an urgent appeal to raise £17,000 within 6 months to support our Happy Tuesday Club for the following 12 months.  The club provides support to a group of adults with high complex needs who require transport to visit our centre and other locations within the community.

Access to this service is critical to reducing their feelings of isolation and enables them to integrate with others members of the community.

The group requires highly skilled staff and volunteers to provide a holistic approach to their care over the 38 week period every year.

Our Happy Tuesday Club enjoying some time together in the park


The essential support we provide for each session.

  • Senior Support Workers (x1) – responsible for session planning, preparation and facilitation, allocating staff, their supervision and management and completing reflection sheets.
  • Support Workers (x4) – provide individual support to allocated Service Users.
  • Driver and Escorts (x1)– are responsible for the pickup and drop off, of club members, ensuring their safety while on the Centre 404 minibus.
  • Volunteers (x 4) – trained to provide additional support to individual service users and matched to a user’s requirements where applicable.
  • Program management – Training new staff and volunteers. Management processing of required documentation for each Service User (risk assessments, support plans, sensory plans, epilepsy plans, needs assessments).

The costs we have to cover for each session

  • Staff salaries and cost of training and supporting volunteers
  • Program management e.g. training staff/volunteers, processing various documentation, e.g. risk assessments, sensory plans, epilepsy plans etc)
  • Travel to Centre 404 and cost to visit other places for outings.
  • Center 404 overheads e.g., heating, telephony, admin



The Happy Tuesday Club currently does not receive any external funding hence our urgent appeal. We are looking to raise income from individual donations, charity runs and corporate companies.

High value fundraising target

  • £6,653 – would cover the cost of providing all 5 Support workers for the Happy Tuesday Club, ensuring the best and safest environment for all attendees.
  • £4,685 would cover the cost of a driver and escort to provide a safe journey to Centre 404 and other external venues.
  • £2,470 would cover the cost of a trained Driver for the 38 days we deliver these sessions over the year

Mid-range fundraising target

  • £1,450 would cover the cost of selecting, training, and supporting 4 volunteers who help provide holistic support to individual members of the club.
  • £1,273 would help cover our increasing overhead costs.
  • £2,125 would cover the cost of one service user attending 38 sessions during the year.

Individual fundraising target

  • £500 would cover the cost of visiting various locations so our service users can participate in different activities within the community
  • £175 would cover the cost of our Support Workers for one session.
  • £70 would cover the cost of one service user attending one session.



If you would like to make a one-off donation yourself simply scan the QR code and it will take you to our dedicated fundraising page on Enthuse.

Equally you could encourage a group of friends to join your fundraising appeal and host/organise an event such a coffee morning, sponsored walk in your local park.

You can select which area you want your fundraising to support from the list above. We will help and promote your event on our social media platforms or indeed by hosting your fundraising idea at our centre.  Simply email to discuss your idea.


To help launch our fundraising for running events we are starting with the ACIS London 10k on July 9th and the London Big Half marathon on Sept 3rd . Of course we will pay for your charity running place and will support you all the way to the finish line.  In return we ask that you set a realistic fundraising target that you are confident in achieving.  We will support you in achieving this target and be at the running event to cheer you along the way.

There are a huge amount of charity runs, throughout the year, we would be happy to support your fundraising efforts in any other event.  If you are one of the five million Britons who ran for a charity last year, we would really appreciate if you chose Centre 404 as your charity to run for this year.

We are asking our if you are planning to run in either of these events please email equally please let us know if you are planning to run for a charity in any other event and would like to do so on our behalf.

ACIS London 10k on July 9th,2023
Run the 2023 Big Half for BLG Mind - Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind
London Big Half marathon on Sept 3rd,2023


We are looking to engage with a corporate partner, specifically for the Happy Tuesday Club.  This will be a unique opportunity for your staff to get to know Centre 404 on an intimate level in comparison to larger charities.  We will work with you to put together a package which meets your needs with a range of opportunities.

  • Staff initiatives to raise money – we will help and support them in putting their ideas into action.
  • Support for staff you want to run/walk in an organised event
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Visits to Centre 404 to raise staff awareness of Learning Disabilities

This will give your staff a chance to socialise and work together in a different context and get members of different teams collaborating with people they might not normally meet. This helps to build a sense of loyalty and community in your workplace. To find out more please email