Home Resources

As we are all spending more time at home, having new ideas of fun things to do together is important.

On this page, you can find some useful resources to keep you and your family happy at home.

We hope they are useful and help you have fun!

  • Accessible Quiz Resources

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    Some lovely Corporate Volunteers at QBE in partnership with Volunteering Matters have spent some time creating a set of quizzes to be accessed at any convenient time by our service users, support staff and families. 

    Please check out these great interactive and accessible quizzes below:

    (pro tip: make sure you double click the audio and video clips in the slides a few times to ensure they play)

    Quiz – Non-verbal

    Quiz – family & carers

    Quiz – adults

    Quiz – 5-10 yr olds


  • Home Learning Resources

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    With some children and young people not in school, families are having to do home learning.

    The Department for Education has published some links to useful home learning resources, including websites, apps and ideas.

    Click here to have a look: DfE Home Learning Resources


    BBC Bitesize have released some helpful tools and content for parent and carers to support home learning. 

    Click here to have a look: BBC Bitesize Home Learning Resources


    There are also some useful resources for Special Education and inclusive learning tips, including sensory learning activities. 

    Click here to have a look: Sensory Learning Ideas


    Samuel Rhodes School has kindly allowed us to share the link to their home learning resource page. They have so many great resources to support all areas of home learning for CYP with SEN.

    Click here to have a look: SRS Learning Area

  • Home Play Ideas

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    It is important to keep playing and doing fun things during the day. You don’t need fancy equipment or materials to have fun, it’s more about using your imagination.

    Check out some home play ideas below that might give you some creative ideas for fun activities to do at home.

    Click here to have a look: Home Play Ideas


    Great Ormand Street Hospital have launched an online ‘play hub’ to share their expertise and ideas with parents and carers across the UK. The online resources available include games, tips and resources for home play. 

    Click here to have a look: GOSH Play Hub


    Watch our online Home Play tutorial below. Follow along to the Toilet Roll Arts & Crafts session and have a go at home! Use what you can find and get creative!

    Click below:


    If you would like to buy some extra arts & crafts decorations, click this link and check out this set for just £9.99: Arts & Crafts Set from Amazon

  • Home Relaxation

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    Relaxation and Mindfulness exercises can be really useful for helping our mind and body feel calm. Even better…they can be fun and creative too!

    Check out some quick and easy relaxation activities to try at home.

    Click here to have a look: Relaxation Activities


    Watch our online Home Relaxation tutorial below. Follow along to the Weather Report Massage and have a go at home!

    Click below: