We had such an amazing night celebrating our volunteers at the Islington Volunteer Awards on the 6th November!

We are so proud of all our nominees: Paul, Djamila, Kalim, Angela, and our Garden Group!

We enjoyed some lovely food and drinks courtesy of our friends at Voluntary Action Islington who hosted the evening. We also got to meet lots of other amazing volunteers and hear some lovely stories from other local charities in the area.

A MASSIVE congratulations to our TWO winners! Paul Formosa for the ‘Pat Haynes Memorial Trustee of the Year’ award, and our lovely peer to peer families volunteer Djamila who won the runner up highly commended ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award 👏🤩🎉

Here was the amazing moment Djamila won her award!

The deputy mayor was there handing our the certificates, which was very exciting!

Thank you to our three nominees who attended Kalim, Djamila and Paul! As well as staff members Monika and Josie for attending and for making the nominations :o)

Paul even made a short speech about his memories of Pat Haynes, whom who used to work with and who gave him some invaluable advice about being a good trustee. You can view this wonderful tribute below:

All our volunteers and nominees are winners in our eyes, you all help to make our community a better place so THANK YOU!