Thanking our Frontline Key Workers!

Stage 1: #clapforourcarers and Thanking Key Workers in a Series of Social Media Posts

  • Since Thursday 26th March we have been encouraging people to clap for all carers and key workers as well as our amazing NHS staff as part of the #clapforourcarers every Thursday at 8pm. This big applause and cheers from front doors, windows, gardens, balconies etc. shows our support workers and all key workers how grateful we are for the amazing work they do, especially in these unprecedented times!

Stage 2: Campaigning and Fundraising for Appreciation Gifts for our Key Workers

  • At the end of March/ early April we had a special thank you message directly from our CEO Linda (as below), as well as the plan to fundraise and collect appreciation gifts for our Frontline Key Workers and Volunteers to show them just how grateful we are.

I hope our followers can join me in again thanking our frontline key workers who travel in to work everyday to support people with learning disabilities. Many of our service users are also vulnerable to the risks of catching Covid 19. So their efforts are crucial to keeping people safe. – Linda CEO

  • Thanks to the continued support from one of our dedicated volunteer shopping teams, we were able to say thank you to some staff with Easter Eggs kindly donated by our local Waitrose on Holloway Road. Below you can see some of our wonderful staff enjoying their well deserved chocolate!

  • The Easter Egg donations were of course shared by our lovely staff and were enjoyed by some of our amazing residents too!

Stage 3: Organising and Packing the Gifts

  • The JustGiving campaign for Appreciation Gifts for our Covid-19 Frontline Key Workers and Volunteers was hugely successfully, so we were able to purchase things to top up the gift donations kindly received from some staff, volunteers and local supporters.
  • On Thursday 7th May some of Centre 404’s Central Services team spent the day putting together care packages and fruit baskets for our incredible key workers with the help of two of our amazing volunteers, Annabelle and Rachel.

  • We wanted the care packages to go out to those people working in our Supported Housing projects and Learning & Leisure teams as our support workers put themselves at risk everyday to ensure our service users continue to receive the upmost level of care.
  • We also sent packages over to our wonderful team of volunteers who have been vital members of the Centre 404 community by helping to deliver food donations and taking part in befriending calls with our service users, the result of which is reducing social isolation for many vulnerable people during these times.

Stage 4: Safely Delivering the Gifts

  • The organisation behind the delivery of these packages was rather epic due to the number of staff and volunteers we have and number of locations etc., but we’re delighted to say that most packages were delivered on 7th May and the last of the packages were delivered and posted out week commencing 25th May.
  • So thank you to every single person who helped, donated or volunteered to make this happen!

Our support workers and volunteers have been truly admirable during these times and really show that not all heroes wear capes! Thank you to all of Centre 404’s key workers and front line staff, you are all truly wonderful and we are so grateful for everything that you do!

Here are some thank yous from our frontline workers and volunteers as well :o)