Camden Floating Support: Autumn Outings and Activities!

Our Camden Floating Support Service has been busy with all sorts of amazing outings and activities this autumn. A big thank you to Rucsandra (Roxy), Rory and the whole team at Camden Floating Support for all the amazing work! 🙂

  • Children In Need: Service Users at Camden Floating Support were busy painting and colouring Pudsey! 

  • Cooking Session: Service Users at Camden Floating Support enjoying doing cooking!

  • London Zoo: A great day out to London Zoo!

  • Music Session: Dancing and Karaoke!

  • London Trip Nov: We took advantage of the nice weather and went to see some of the London Landmarks! 

  • Tate Britain: Visiting Tate Britain Museum in London (October 2020)

  • London Trip Oct: Visiting London for the first time in years! Our service user enjoyed seeing some of the London Landmarks as he didn’t see them in a long time!

  • Last but definitely not least: our Dance for Dignity video! We did this video to promote the importance of dignity in all aspects of care!  This includes some of our wonderful service users at Leigh Road and Tollington Way Supported Living Projects as well! 🙂