A group of 6 unswerving adventurers met in the beautiful sunshine of a cold Saturday morning to make their way to Brighton for Centre 404 Camden’s first trip out of London. We took the Northern Line to King’s Cross St. Pancras, where we bought our train tickets for the day. Thanks to great Off-Peak prices and especially to our Rail-Card holders, the fare was surprisingly cheap.

Upon boarding a busy train, we managed to get seats together, started chatting away and discussed the plan for the day again as everybody got excited to arrive at our destination soon. We quickly decided to visit the pub for an early lunch as our first stop. At Brighton we enjoyed more sunshine on our way to the pub. Inside it was difficult to find seats, but thanks to great teamwork and some patience we finally sat down and ordered Fish and chips, full English breakfasts and chicken strips.

After filling our bellies, we continued our way to the beach promenade, enjoying lovely views and glorious cloudy sea skies, watching cheeky seagulls trying to grab a bite and chatting up a couple of dogs and their owners. When we had arrived at Brighton Palace Pier we split up in groups; one to indulge in arcade games and another one to stroll along the Pier. We met for group pictures again and decided to leave the seaside and look for a café to warm ourselves in.


We found a lovely spot with homemade cupcakes and pies and tea served in beautiful pots. Everybody agreed that this was a spot we wouldn’t have found in London. On the way back to the station we walked past Brighton’s famous shopping Lanes, enjoying the Christmas decoration and festive atmosphere all around. Some even had the energy to browse inside a couple of shops, most of us were too knackered from the day’s adventures. The train back to London provided a great opportunity for a nap as well as reflections on the day out.

Verdict: Brighton’s always worth a visit!

— Blog Post credit to Till Modick, one of our wonderful Activity Coordinators! —