Dignity Action Day

Centre 404 Housing Team celebrated International Dignity Acton Day on 03rd February. The Dignity Action Day is an annual event for health and social care teams to uphold the rights of people to dignity and provide platform for people that we support and staff to come together and talk about what dignity means to them and how we can promote and include it in our day to day routines.

The day got kicked off with an accessible story telling session about what dignity is and different aspects of it. people were then divided into smaller groups to discuss in detail what dignity means to them and note down their feedback on paper.

The highlight of the event was the silent meditation and yoga session focusing on breath work and the theme of dignity as well as people posting notes on a “DigniTree”, whilst having “DigniTea”!



As well as talking about Dignity, the theme also focused on the aspect of Health and well-being and how eating healthy promotes healthy lives. Therefore there was a session on supporting people to think about meal portions and different types of food that we need to eat to get various nutrients.

Overall, a successful day with over 40 people attending and a great partnership work with colleagues from Camden Society.