International Women’s Day 2021!

Happy International Women’s Day from all of us here at Centre 404!

We can all #ChooseToChallenge and call out gender bias and inequality. We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements.

Collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world. From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge.

How We Took Part:

International Women’s Day: Recognition Nominations (Individual)

Josie nominated “Eszter Bobvos, our brilliant HR Manager for being a stellar colleague, friend and manager within the central team. She is a supportive and approachable team player and a kind person, whilst also being decisive and a clear leader within the team and organisation. She is also amazing at upholding all things equality and diversity, which is so important to all of us! 😊”

Eszter nominated “Sarah Spinetti, Deputy Manager for Housing Related Support Services! Sarah truly leads by example as a manager. She is compassionate, professional, approachable – and has a great sense of humour. She is also incredibly supportive and always offers to help in any way she can, and really champions high quality support for our service users. An absolute pleasure to know her and work with her 😊”

Sille nominated “Beatriz de la Rosa Molina, Head of Supporting Families Service (sorry, not sorry, Beatriz)! You are one of the most determined and hard-working people I know – without taking life too seriously (quite a balance to strike!). Your wealth of experience and knowledge coupled with levelheadedness and can-do attitude are truly inspiring. You are also a good listener with a clear vision, making you a great leader.”

Keith nominated “Anamaria. She has always been very supportive and kind to me, as well as very clear in her professionalism. She’s the best manager I’ve ever had, just as Centre 404 is the best company I’ve ever worked for.”

International Women’s Day: Recognition Nominations (Group)

Sarah nominated “ALL the fantastic women that work at C404! having to choose ‘one’ though, I will nominate the Anson Road team, to represent all the great teams at C404! They are caring, dedicated and passionate about their work and about making a difference in people’s lives. They are committed to help others and to promote every day a good working morale within their team. As everyone at C404, they have faced challenges and stood up to overcome what has come, trying to keep a positive attitude, making sure the people we support received the best possible opportunities to enjoy their lives! Thank you to the whole team at Anson! And to all the teams at Centre 404!”

The Anson Team would like to recognise and nominate 3 amazing women from Housing team: Claire Curtis, Sarah Spinetti ​and Margaret McClellan who support us, teach us, supervise us, and share their wisdom and experience with us. So, thank you for everything!

Tracy nominated “my fellow Heads of Service/Directors Claire Curtis and Anamaria Vrkic who work alongside Beatriz and I.  Sille has already spoken about Beatriz’s can do attitude which is something that I really admire in her.

I would like to nominate Claire and Anamaria.  Claire has been a very supportive colleague since I joined Centre 404.   As many of you will be very aware she has a wealth of experience that she has built up over a considerable number of years within the care sector.  Claire’s willingness to continually go out of her way to ensure that her knowledge is shared with new starters and colleagues makes working alongside her an absolute pleasure.  What strikes me though are always her strong ethics and collaborative working style and her adaptability of which we have seen lots of during this Covid -19 pandemic!

I nominate Anamaria for her resilience and her ability to juggle numerous projects whilst remaining calm and patient.  She is always willing to do more to help service users, staff and her colleagues and like Claire her adaptability through Covid-19 has been phenomenal!”

International Women’s Day: Reflection on the Pandemic and Wisdom from Islamic Theology.

Javed: We know that the current pandemic has greatly impacted all but women in particular have taken even greater impact both economically and socially due to a mixture of increased caregiving, job insecurity and many other factors. 

From speaking with many of my fellow women colleagues over the course of this pandemic, I heard and witnessed numerous instances of daily struggle to maintain their jobs whilst also taking care of childcare. for some it had greater impact on their mental health but still managed to mask those feelings and come to work as if all is fine and put on a nice smiling face. 

So for me, I want to shout out to all of our working mothers out there who have, and continue to, juggle their full on jobs with full-time childcare responsibilities and take it in stride and a laugh! 

In Islamic theology it is said that that one will find paradise under the feet of your mother, and both from my personal and work experience, I can truly vouch for it!”

Quotes from Staff after reading Javed’s powerful piece:

It is so beautifully said I still keep thinking about it. You have said it all and in a very soft and powerful way. It is also so important to notice it and acknowledge. I read it to my children. Also makes me want to know more about Islamic theology. Thank you – Monika 

This is really wonderful Javed! Love the statement you shared from Islamic theology, how beautiful – and how true! 😊  – Eszter

This is a beautiful post, Javed! – Sille

This is really lovely, thank you!! It’s such a nice sentiment I might post it on it’s own! 😊 – Josie