What more can the NHS do to support people with Learning Disabilities or Autism?

Learning Disability and autism have been designated as one of NHS England’s 4 national priorities. They have started a consultation to ask for feedback on 2 questions. These feedback will have to be sent by 30th September:

  1. What more can the NHS do, working with its local partners, to ensure that people with a learning disability, autism or both are supported to live happy, healthy and independent lives in their communities?
  2. How can we best improve the experiences that people with a learning disability, autism or both have with the NHS, ensuring that they are able to access the full range of services they need?

You are allowed to write up to 200 words per question.

Many family carers will have encountered difficulties in accessing good healthcare for their daughters, sons and relatives, and this is an opportunity to say what we think is needed to improve it.

The survey can be accessed online via a link on the NAS website: