Supporting Families: Sleep Awareness Webinar with Think Autism

On Friday 10th July Eva Williams from our Centre 404 Supporting Families Team supported a Sleep Awareness Webinar with Think Autism.

The webinar was facilitated and hosted by Think Autism in partnership with Centre 404 aimed at discussing how to improve sleep in your household. This is very important in relation to sleeping difficulties characteristic of autism spectrum conditions and how to effectively manage these.

Sleeping difficulties tend to be common and cause significant difficulties for both child and carer. The webinar intended to be informative and advisory suggesting techniques and strategies for how to reduce these different sleep disorders.

Three families benefited form this webinar on the day and it is now available here for those who would like to access this useful resource at any time: ​

We would like to thank Eva and Elisa Ferriggi, BSc (hons) Psych, Dip. Couns. at Think Autism for this resource.