We are now a third of the way through the build, and we can really see the building taking shape.

There has been some concern about whether the lift would arrive on time. After a lot of conversation between our construction company Borras, the lift contractor and our Project Manager/ Architect Zana, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve found a solution.

Lifts always seem to be the sticking points in projects like ours and can cause delays. But all being well we should be able to progress as planned!

We are therefore looking forward to arranging some site visits for service users, family members and staff as we move into the autumn.

Here you can clearly see one of our new training rooms taking shape! Exciting!

A group of our dedicated garden volunteers (both old and new) also went to visit the garden to put it down for the winter. The volunteers were very impressed, and joked that the flowers had never looked so beautiful and the grass had never been so green! All thanks to regular watering by our Site Manager Nick! Thanks Nick, and thank you to the volunteers who went on the day too! :o)