One to One Support for adults

We can support your independent living skills and help you manage your life and choices with confidence.

We can also support you to access fun activities, develop skills and achieve personal goals.  We are working towards reducing social isolation and loneliness and supporting people to develop meaningful relationships.

Our support workers can support you to manage your daily life and assist you to get out and about to appointments and get things done around the house.

If you want support workers to come and visit you in your home and you have a learning disability and live in North London speak to your Care Manager and they will contact us on your behalf.

If you have a Personal Budget or have your own funds we can provide trained and friendly Personal Support Workers across north London.
How to use your Personal Budget

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  • I feel warmth for my support workers.

     They take me shopping each week, which is something I couldn’t do on my own because I spend too much money. If I didn’t get the comfort and support that I do from Centre 404, my learning disability would be a lot harder to cope with.

    Trevor, service user 

Supported Housing

Centre 404 runs a number of supported housing projects to people in North London.

Our support workers are highly trained and experienced in delivering person centred approaches. We are an accredited and approved provider by Islington Council and have been rated ‘Good’ by the Quality Care Commission.

If you are looking for a place to live in Islington we may have supported housing available. Contact your care manager for an assessment and complete a Centre 404 application form.

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  • I like being in my flat. I do a lot of baking and drawing...

    …and yesterday made some fairy cakes. I like listening to my Abba CD, Dancing Queen is my favourite song. I say no to the wheelchair and yes to my walker.

    Anne, service user 

Specialist Support we can Offer


Supporting High and Complex Needs

Centre 404 is an experienced provider of supporting people with high and complex needs. We ensure that our staff are highly trained and have the experience and understanding to support people with profound and multiple disabilities and additional health needs. We work closely with the individual, family carers and professionals to develop a support plan that meets the needs and wishes of the people we support.

If you have questions or concerns about supported housing for people with high and complex needs we can also provide advice, information and advocacy services to family carers as well as many support groups and activities.

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  • I loved the rock climbing, I want to go again!

    Moving into her own flat at Leigh road with a dedicated support team around her has given Mary a huge amount of independence and she is now able to organise and live her life the way she wants to. She is always the first one willing to try out new things.

    Mary, service user


Positive Behaviour Support

We use a Positive Behaviour Support Approach and are experienced at providing support to people with behaviour that others find challenging.

Currently we have two positive behaviour support coaches and we are training up more managers to be part of our coaching team.  They are involved in supporting teams to implement positive behaviour support plans and to make changes to practice that impact positively on the people we support here at Centre 404. Through better understanding of our service users, we can build a person centred support timetable for that individual with the aim to reduce behaviours which are impacting on their ability to live a fulfilled life.

Total Communication

At Centre 404 we support people to communicate creatively.  Many of the people we support use alternative ways to communicate through Makaton, Visual Images, signs and symbols.

We have a trained Speech and Language Therapist on our management team and we have been working to ensure that our main office as well as other supported living projects adheres to a Total Communication environment.

Total Communication is about promoting and using all methods of communication to enhance communication for people with disabilities in general and learning disability in particular. Total Communication approach provides an individual opportunity to understand the environment they are in and to exchange information and conversations.

We have successfully implemented object of reference system for various rooms and facilities used by service users on the ground floor of the main office. For example, a small piece of grass acts as an object of reference for the garden. In one of the supported living accommodation, a tube map style carpet navigates service users to various rooms within that project.

Camden Floating Support Service

On 01st July 2019, our brand-new outreach service in Camden started. The service is officially called Camden Floating Support Service. We currently have around 45 service users and over 500 hours of weekly support hours that we are delivering. There were 2 launch events held to promote the new service and introduce service users and any family carers with the key people who would be running the service. The event was well attended which included senior commissioners from Camden Council.

In Floating Support Service the support we offer is always personalised to meet the specific needs of each person with learning disability that we support. Our overall aim is to support people to reach their full potential and we achieve this by enabling the learning of new skills and confidence building whilst also embracing the value of choice.

As part of an enhanced Floating Support Offer, we offer weekly correspondence drop-ins where any service user can drop-in to get support with letters, advice on any issues they are facing or simply to have a chat with someone. The drop-ins are currently being run at Charlie Ratchford Centre. In addition to the drop-ins, service users also have range of activities and day trips to choose from. There is a weekly healthy cooking group where the aim is to support people to learn to cook healthy but cheap meals, which cost under £3.50. After the cooking, everyone eats as a group what they have cooked; thus offering a skills element of cooking as well as helping to create new friendships and increase social integration.

Continuing with activities, there is a weekly Friendship Group where the aim is to support people to learn appropriate social skills to widen their social network but also learn to develop safe and healthy friendships without being exploited by ‘friendships’ often known as ‘mate’ crime. As part of friendship group, there are weekly outings to various parts of London and beyond and during summer months, regular trips to seaside areas. In addition to this, service users also have opportunities to attend various other groups such as IT group to learn to use a computer/mobile device or art and craft.

Some of the support on offer is:

  • going to appointments
  • filling out forms
  • staying fit and healthy
  • meeting new people
  • developing and maintaining life skills, such as food shopping, cooking and household chores
  • help with finances and budgeting, and to maintain a tenancy
  • voluntary or work placements
  • travel training

All of our support workers are recruited under value-based recruitment model, ensuring a balance between good values and experience. All of our support workers undergo range of mandatory trainings as well as additional trainings to meet the needs of service users they are key-working. For example, all of our staff undergo ground-breaking Learn With Us training, in which they learn about working effectively with family carers. At Centre 404, we follow an ‘active’ model of support; where the focus of support is to ensure that our service users are always involved in all aspects of their support, as well as having opportunities to take part in range of activities. Our proactive style support helps improve the quality of life of our service users.

As part of the floating support, we also offer a specialist Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) to people with behaviours that can challenge others. We have a pool of dedicated specialist PBS support workers who are trained to identify triggers and recognise early warning signs in behavioural escalation, and use appropriate interventions to prevent crises from occurring.​