• Latest news and resources

    Here you can find the latest news and resources for family carers of people with Learning Disabilities or Autism.

    NEW “PLEASE OFFER ME A SEAT” BADGE AND CARD: TFL has launched a new badge and card to help customers who are less able to stand, get a seat when they need one. The “Please offer me a seat” badge and card are aimed to alert fellow customers on Public Transport that you are in need of a seat. Click here to apply for a badge and card

    NEW DISABILITY CARDS: there is a new National Disability ID card with a photo available for purchase online. These cards are aimed to avoid people having to carry their paperwork.  Information about the new Disabled Identification Card can be found here: http://www.did-card.co.uk/index.php

    The CEA Card is a national card scheme developed for UK cinemas and entitles you to one free ticket for the person who is accompanying a disabled person to the cinema. https://www.ceacard.co.uk/)

    UK BENEFITS GUIDE: We have put together a guide of benefits in the UK. Centre 404 Supporting Families Team might be able to help with information, advice and application forms for some of those benefits and can also signpost you to the right service if necessary. Call the Supporting Families Team on 020 7697 1336 for more information. Click here to download an UK benefit guide and find out what you might be entitled to.

  • Family Carer Groups

    Did you miss a group or workshop at Centre 404 that you really wanted to attend? don’t worry, scroll down to  view and download presentations from our support groups and workshops.

    ASC for Tea

    29th November 2016 – Annamarie, Parent Carer, is looking into starting a coding club for children on the Autistic Spectrum who have a talent for computer coding.

    • Wizzie Wizzie Coding club for all children between 8-14 (already running in Islington) – go to website 

     19th October 2016 – Ellie Chesterman, Joint Commissioning Manager – Disabilities, talked about the new Islington Autism Board, getting parents’ insight on the key issues in Islington.

    14th June 2016 – Vicky Mathews (clinical psychologist) presenting on the new Islington Challenging Behaviour Resource designed to support a positive approach to behaviour management for people with severe and profound learning disabilities and/or Autism.

    Parents Forum (formerly Talking Shop)

    28th March 2017 – Working Families, in partnership with the Law firm DLA Piper, presented on the rights of parent carers of disabled children at the workplace (flexible working, parental leave…).

    8th November 2016 – Candy Holder, Head of Pupil Services (Islington Council) presenting on the Future of SEND provision in Islington, Implementation plan (last part of the consultation started in October 2015) and Local Area Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Inspection.

    • Future of SEND in Islington (Implementation plan) – Candy’s presentation
    • Ofsted SNED Inspection – Candy’s presentation

    21st September 2016 – We talked about the purpose of a Parent Forum, new National Disability Cards, EHCPs and Preparing for Adulthood.

    5th July 2016 – Islington School Improvement Team talking about their work fulfilling the Council’s statutory school improvement duties.

    24th November 2015 – Candy Holder, Head of Pupil Services (Islington Council) reviewing education provision for children and young people with SEND in Islington and Angie Fenn, Regional Development Manager at Contact a Family presenting on SEN support in mainstream school.

  • Workshops

    Writing Social Stories

    23rd May 2016 – looking at a wide variety of sample Social Stories, workshopping stories that parents have already begun working on and creating new social stories using the simple framework.

    Parental Step by Step guide to EHCPs

    10th February & 1st March 2016 – Jo Hussain, Supporting Families Deputy Manager, presenting on the different sections of an EHCP and their importance, timeframes and outcomes.

    Welfare Benefits workshop

    23rd February 2016 – Eileen Broderick, Islington Income Maximisation (IMAX) and Ian Smith (DWP), presenting on Welfare Benefits (DLA, PIP and Universal Credit) under a local and national perspective.

    Special Educational Needs and Puberty

    27th January 2016 – Mark Brown, Special Needs Advisor, presenting on the concept of puberty, social development and sexualised behaviour.

    Workshop on using the Mental Capacity Act

    4th November 2015 – The Mental Capacity Act protects and empowers individuals who may lack the mental capacity to make their own decisions about their care and treatment. It is a law that applies to individuals aged 16 and over.

    Wills and Trusts workshop

    21st October 2015 – Damien Jones from Wellers Law Group presenting on wills and trusts. Why you need to make a Will, things to consider when planning for the future of the person you care for with a learning disability, and what Trusts are and how they work.

    Helping Your Child Sleep

    20th October 2015 – Mark Brown, Special needs advisor from Special Help for Special Needs, giving tips on how to manage your child’s sleep and providing information about additional sources of help, advice and support.

    School Based Support

    6th October 2015 – Helen Heery, SENCO network co-ordinator and Assistant Head for Inclusion at Tufnell Park Primary School, presenting on the role of SENCOS, support available and access to services at school.