Getting out into the community alone is a big part of becoming more independent. Help a young person learn the route from one of Centre 404’s club or playscheme venues to their home.

Role Travel Buddy Volunteer
Hours Flexible, but usually weekly for one-two hours
Supported By Deputy Head of Learning and Leisure, Activities Coordinators running clubs and Volunteer Coordinator
Location Initially from one of the clubs locations (Islington, Camden or Enfield***), and then from a young person’s home to Centre 404
Commitment Flexible (dependent on the needs of individuals)



***Please note that Camden and Enfield are not always available options but are often where we run our holiday playschemes from during winter, spring and summer school holidays. During term time Islington is our main location***

Purpose of this role

To provide an opportunity for young people to build up their social confidence and increase their travel independence

About the role

Some of the young people attending our after school clubs and holiday playschemes are working to gain more independence as they grow older. One of the most important aspects of this is learning about their local area and how to use public transport safely, so they can travel independently. We would like to encourage more of our young people to develop these skills so they can come to Centre 404 without their parents or our minibus service.

To prepare for the role, we’d like travel buddies to attend the same club as their buddy so you can get to know each other, and so you have a chance to shadow our staff members. After a few sessions you would start to support your buddy from their home or school to the club and/or from the club to their home (possibly with their parents or with a support worker at first) and then for a fixed period depending on need – e.g. 6 weeks, with the focus being on safety, road awareness and knowledge of the route.

This role suits someone with:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Trustworthy, reliable, and good at time-keeping
  • A calm and friendly approach
  • The confidence to ask questions and communicate effectively with staff members

Responsibilities and Additional Notes:

As part of your role, you will be building up a trusting relationship and eventually be working one to one with a young person. It is important you’re aware of the responsibility that comes with that. By committing to the role, you are agreeing to do the following:

  • Report any incidents – e.g. accidents, unusual behaviour.
  • Complete online safeguarding training, inductions and any other training as requested by the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Fill in travel buddy feedback form and independent travel questionnaires with your buddy.

As a Centre 404 volunteer you will receive:

  • An induction to the role
  • Reimbursement of out of pocket travel expenses relating to your volunteer placement (up to £5 per session)
  • Ongoing support and supervision with the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Any identified training required to enable you to perform the volunteer role to the best of your ability, which will be arranged by and paid for by Centre 404
  • After 3 months as a Centre 404 volunteer, we will provide a reference if required for paid work or for other purposes
  • Protection through Centre 404’s employee liability insurance policy whilst on the premises or engaged in any work on behalf of Centre 404
  • Opportunities to meet other Centre 404 volunteers to share experiences
  • Invitation to the Centre 404 Annual General Meeting Summer Garden Party
  • Centre 404’s bi-annual newsletter

Required Training:

  • Induction to Centre 404 and Learning and Leisure Induction
  • Child Safeguarding Training


This role requires that strict confidentiality be maintained with respect to all information obtained by volunteers in the course of their duties, as it relates to staff, volunteers, and service users.  Volunteers are to adhere to the signed ‘Confidentiality Agreement’ completed upon induction.

If confidentially is breached it will be taken seriously by Centre 404, and may result in release from voluntary service.

Other Information

The recruitment of all volunteer placements adhere to Centre 404’s equal opportunities policy. All volunteer positions are subject to a DBS check and receipt of references.