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Samuel Rhodes School School Resources

Samuel Rhodes School is a specialist School for children aged 5-19 in Islington. Samuel Rhodes School is one of the special schools in Islington, each of which provide support for children with particular special educational needs (SEN). All of our special schools have a very important role in providing support and training to mainstream schools in Islington. Samuel Rhodes School leads one of the service areas in the Borough, for children with difficulties in learning and cognition. It has an outreach team which advises mainstream schools and supports the pupils with learning difficulties.

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Mental Health

Therapy (private/charity) for Primary aged children:
• A list of qualified Art Therapists
• A list of Play therapists
• UKCP for a list of therapists able to work with children, including Family, Integrative Arts and Child Psychotherapists
• Organisation based in Golders Green that have therapies for children with Autism available on a means-tested basis
• Organisation in Islington/Camden for Art Therapy

Workshops at Centre 404 for Parents and Carers
• Stress Project
• The Peel Institute
• Perception Counselling Services

Speech and Language difficulties

Sources of help and support for families whose children have problems with listening, talking and understanding others.

Challenging Behaviour

The Islington Challenging Behaviour Resource is designed to support a positive approach to behaviour management for people with severe and profound learning disabilities and/or Autism. It is a multi-agency resource designed to be interactive and to help parents, carers and professionals develop behaviour plans that make a difference to the people we are supporting.

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Bridge School and Satellite Provision

the Bridge is a special needs school in Islington. They have a well-established Outreach team of specialists in Autism, SLD and PMLD. They have also started their new Satellite Provision which is a free school based on four sites in Islington which provides for pupils who find it difficult to manage in a mainstream environment but who do not need a special school placement.


Here you can find information about autism spectrum disorder:

- Relaxed performances
- Books
- Notes
- Support for parents
- Online resources
- Islington Autism Board and Cygnet course
- Healthwatch autism report

Stress Management and Wellbeing

Identify stress and its impact on family life, look at the causes of stress, and provide tips on how to cope plus sources of advice and support.

Social Stories

Looking at a wide variety of sample Social Stories, work shopping stories that parents have already begun working on and creating new social stories using the simple framework.

Coding club

Wizzie Wizzie is a London based Saturday morning computer coding club for 8-14 year olds who want to learn how to make their own games and other cool stuff using computer code

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Showing 1 to 9 of 9 resources
  • I am very grateful for the help I have received from Centre 404.

    Rahwa cares for four children all under the age of 10 years including her daughter Danayt who has Down’s Syndrome. She approached us as she was feeling overwhelmed with her caring responsibilities, in particular with the challenging behaviour Danayt was displaying.

    “It was a very difficult time as I had no one else to help me and I didn’t understand the system.”

    Rahwa, family carer